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Swivel Eye Bolts

SEB M8 8mm / 1.25 14mm 660 5 0.52
SEB M10 10mm / 1.50 17mm 1,320 5 0.53
SEB M12 12mm / 1.75 21mm 2,200 5 0.54
SEB M16 16mm / 2.00 27mm 3,520 5 1.75
SEB M20 20mm / 2.50 30mm 5,500 5 1.76
SEB M24 24mm / 3.00 36mm 8,800 5 5.72
SEB M30 30mm / 3.50 45mm 13,860 5 5.94
SEB M36 36mm/ 4.00 54mm 22,000 5 17.6
SEB M42 42mm / 4.50 63mm 27,500 5 17.82
SEB M48 48mm / 5.00 68mm 33,000 4 19.8
Metric threads: M8 ➜ M48
UNC threads: UNC 3/8’’-16 ➜ UNC 1’’ 1/2-6
Safety factor: 5 and 4
Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE
Norm EN 1677-1
Individual traceability number
Operating temperature: -20°C ➜ + 200°C
Swiveling under load (360° rotation)
Available in female and stainless steel version

Your technical and quality advantages

Usable for any kind of lifting operation (straight lifts, with angle, turning, rotating) ➜ absolute safety for any kind of lifting situation, no risk of wrong use
Automatic orientation in the diraction of pulling ➜ no need to manually orientate the lifting ring
Solid rotation bushing ➜ no friction between shackle and object to be lifted, easy rotation under load
Verification of each thread with calibrated gauge ➜ no costs related to non-conformity, lifting rings can directly be put in use
Clear markings (CE, WLL, tightening torque) ➜ reduction risk of incorrect use
Individual packaging and documents, delivery in sturdy packaging ➜ quality and easy handling
Anti-tribocorrosion grease for life ➜ easy rotation under load, built-in corrosion protection
Anti-corrosion coating (zinc coating) on bolt and base ➜ limiting risk of corrosion in critical environments, durability of products
Centering system ➜ possibility to increase WLL at 90°
ALITRACER ➜ suivi optimal (contrôle, gestion de stock …)

Your service advantages

Short delivery times for standard products and specials guaranteed ➜ no production breakdowns, operational gains, stock reduction
No minimum order quantity ➜ stock reduction, quick fixes
Multilingual sales team ➜ ease of communication, professional support
Fast on custom-made solution (case study and testing) ➜ solution for special lifting applications
Experience of over 40 years ➜ pledge of seriousness and professionalixs
Free annual inspection at our factory ➜ maintaining high safet level as annual check is conducted by the manufacturer
ISO and UNC as standard threads, special thread (optional) ➜ one partner for your needs of swivel lifting rings
High quality material and marketing supports ➜ videos, samples, technical drawings …

Safety Information

45 degrees 30% of rated working load
90 degrees 25% of rated working load

Warning: The full ratings of machinery eye bolts can only be achieved by pulling directly in line with the threads. For angled lifts, we recommend swivel hoist rings.

WARNING: Prop 65: Products supplied by Advantage Sales & Supply Co. LLC may expose you to chemicals including Nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit to