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Grade 80 Alloy

Also referred to as Grade 8, System 8, Lifting Chains or Alloy Chain


Overhead Lifting
Welded Link Chain

Welded Link Chain

Grade 80 Alloy Markings

Grade 80 can be marked 8, 80, or simply may have anything with an 8 or 80 embossed on the link. There may be a letter before the number (like D8 or D80) which is usually a manufacturer’s ID code.

Grade 80 Alloy Common Uses

Grade 80 Chain is primarily used in Overhead Lifting (OHL) by crane operators, heavy equipment operators and in manufacturing. Other applications include high strength requirements such as Heavy Vehicle Recovery, pulling excavation equipment from mud, cargo control/tie down, etc.  

A fabricated rigging product, known as a Chain Sling, is fabricated and inspected by a qualified individual, using products engineered for the agreed upon application. There are many different Chain Sling configurations (see below for a few examples). Each Grade 80 Chain Sling has a unique rating that coincides with the grade and configuration. Rigging training is required when using Certified Chain Slings. 

It is required that Grade 80 Hooks and Components be used on Grade 80 Certified Chain Slings in order to maintain its Safe Working Load rating. Using components such as hooks that are Graded below Grade 80 (such as a Grade 70 hook), shall make the Chain Sling out of compliance with OSHA Standards.

Grade 80 is approved by USDOT for use in Cargo Control on Interstate Highways

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