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D.O.T. law mandates that the weight of the cargo must be tied down with 50% of the cargo weight’s Working Load Limit cumulatively. For example, 40,000 pounds of cargo must be secured with chains and binders with a minimum WLL of 20,000 pounds together.

Calculating the right WLL for a load is simple when chains and binders are rated equally. When they are not, the customer will need to use the lesser of the two. In other words, if a binder with an 8,800 lbs. WLL is paired with the chain rated at 4,700 lbs., the total WLL of the assembly is the lesser of the two – 4,700 lbs. This detail should never be missed. Using the higher of the two capacities could lead to improper securement, harm to the user and others, and is a serious safety concern.

Distributing force evenly across the load is also important. It will minimize risk of damage to cargo and equipment, as well as provide safe travel on the road. Using more ratchet load binders and chain pairings with lower WLL rating across the entire load rather than less equipment with higher WLLs is safer.

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